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Raphael Genot

Contract Winemaker consultant
Raphael joined our winemakers’ in 2005, bringing in his knowledge and working experience supported by years in France, Spain and Australia. Time of adaptation to the peculiarities of local varietals and wine styles passed and shortly he became the creator of the..

Beqa Sozashvili

Chief winemaker at the Wine Cellar
Beqa Sozashvili started at TELAVI WINE CELLAR right after the graduation from the Secondary School. He practiced literally all the positions in the cellar, starting from cellar hand assistant and stepping up to the winery chief winemaker. He studied at the State Agriculture University and got awarded his...

Mariam Zaridze

Senior winemaker at the Wine Quality Control department
She came to TELAVI WINE CELLAR few years after the University graduation. Her initial profession is not winemaking. She obtained her master degree in chemistry with a particular specialization in food industry.

Tamar Gurgenashvili

Chief winemaker at the Wine Quality Control department
After the graduation from the University, she was recruited in TELAVI WINE CELLAR to share her passion to winemaking and vineyards, derived from her family, making wine for more than a century in their in-house wine cellar.

Dimitri Badzoshvili

Senior winemaker at the Wine Cellar
Dito Badzoshvili joined TELAVI WINE CELLAR at the position of cellar hand in 1999. Grown up along with highly qualified staff, he showed himself, as an extremely smart and hard-working professional, capable of tackling multiple tasks, related to the technical management of sophisticated and up-to-date equipment...