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At the Winery

Relentless improvement has been part of TELAVI WINE CELLAR from her very foundation and continues to this day. Modern day technology, with stainless steel insulated tanks, pneumatic presses, gentle movement pumps and overall temperature control system shares the room with oak vats, barriques and traditional clay vessels, Kvevri, buried in the earthen floor of the great cellar, which we call our Marani.

Freshly picked grapes are received in our processing room, which is linked to the wine filtration and stabilization are in the east of the winery. The western part contains cellar itself, with white wine settling and fermentation, barrique and storage areas. Outside, just in front of the great cellar sit the fermentation tanks for red wine, as well as tanks for skin maceration. All are used as a storage tanks in winter months, for wine stabilization in natures embrace. To the east of the ‘big cellar’ are our bottling and refrigeration rooms with insulated tanks for low temperature storage during the long summers.  Our latest infrastructure project is nearing completion, and construction of a new two-story wine cellar has been finished recently. This new building will hold our reception area, more room for oak barriques, where red and white wine will matures in constant temperature and humidity. Only the underground part is functional at this stage. In front of entire modern production facilities one will find our old historic Marani cellar, estate, where our offices are located, a small plot of vineyard and evergreen garden for one to stroll and soak in all that is the Alazani Valley.